Commissioning the design of visual communications and marketing materials requires an investment from you, the client, in terms of both time and money. You need to think about the brief you will provide and be prepared to spend some time ensuring we have all the necessary information and materials needed to fulfill it - don’t let this scare you – we can help you through the process if you’re not experienced in this area.

You need to think about your budget! It will, in part, direct the design and inevitably the calibre of work we produce for you! Obviously the more studio-time we can spend on your project, the better the solution is likely to be. As creative people, we of course want to craft wonderful designs, but of course, our time-expenditure must be measured against the requirements of the brief and the available budget.

We typically work on an hourly rate basis, however, if you want us to quote on a ‘job basis’ then we can prepare an estimate providing we have a clear brief. Estimates indicate the likely time requirement and include design, one set of ‘fair and reasonable’ amends and artworking (preparing files for press). Additional client-requested amends will be charged at an hourly rate and any outsourced elements (such as stock images for example) will of course need financing.



Due to the very nature of innovation and design, it is common for projects to grow and clients often expand the goalposts as they become more interested and excited by the development of their project. Needless to say, we can oblige providing the additional budget is provided to pay for the extra work.

Please note: A minimum charge of one hour applies to ALL jobs. A job is defined as an individual piece of artwork (i.e. an individual artwork file).