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Stand Out From The Competition With Proactive Graphics

A savvy business will use graphic design to add professionalism to its marketing materials and to help express itself. However, traditional graphic design is often ‘passive’ - merely prettying-up the communication but doing little to actually assert it. Relying on style alone leaves you open to the whims of fashion and confines you to compete on the same level playing field as your many competitors.

Proactive Graphics is more thoughtful and strategic, giving you an edge over the competition! Utilising the viewer’s naturally inquisitive mind, Proactive Graphics delivers the perfect balance of familiarity, intrigue and surprise to engage and entertain your audience.

Familiarity                           Intrigue                                Surprise

Using clever ideas, visual twists and an appropriate serving of wit, Proactive Graphics challenges and stimulates the viewer - gaining their attention, activating their brain and occupying their time - all while communicating the intended message. Through mental participation, the viewer is both entertained and rewarded by the communication – a process that helps break-down any negative barriers that might exist.

Proactive Graphics has more potential to spark a reaction from its audience, striking a chord and becoming a topic of conversation. The result is a communication that stands out from the crowd and remains in the viewer’s memory for longer. Proactive Graphics can be applied to marketing materials and business communications and in fact, virtually any surface that can carry a communication, whether in print or multi-media – often turning the mundane into an opportunity for interaction. Needless to say, Proactive Graphics is much more effective than producing visual communications that simply look fashionable.

Nice To Have, But Do You Really Need It?

Promoting your business costs money, and lots of it! Marketing budgets need to cater for market research, competitor analysis, brand development, copy writing, image production, design and artworking, print, distribution and placement as well as a host of new, ever evolving online opportunities.

As the global population increases and technology makes the world smaller, the market place becomes ever more noisy. In such a visually saturated environment, it is very common for businesses to waste huge amounts of money on style-based marketing materials that will never deliver a worthwhile return.

Simply following the crowd and screaming out a sales pitch at the top of your lungs, alongside everyone else, is an out-dated marketing strategy. With so many competitors all saying essentially the same thing, why should anyone listen to you?

It’s this hugely competitive environment where Proactive Graphics really proves its worth and provides better value from all those other marketing costs. Because the design solutions are truly unique and utterly engaging, they stand out and express real personality. Furthermore, offering intelligent, entertaining communications also encourages the viewer to both participate in and – most importantly – want to be associated with your business.

In addition, Proactive Graphics gives better value for money from your existing branding because it helps prevent your identity from becoming ‘tired’. Crafted to complement and enhance your existing branding, it can be used to express your values and strengthen your identity, breathing in new life and energy. Inevitably, the more you stand out from your competitors, the bigger and stronger you can grow.