We are a small studio in high demand and strive to deliver a very high standard of work at competitive prices in a timely, yet realistic fashion. Design and innovation take time and rushing the creative process rarely produces good results. If you are looking for a ‘bash it out’ solution, we are probably not the design company for you. However, if you value the presentation of your business and understand the importance of design in the communication process and want value for money and a return on your marketing budget, then allowing a little time for creativity and development to thrive will pay dividends.

Of course, there are occasions when speed is of the essence and for our loyal clients who value our time, we will always go above and beyond to help when you’re up against it!




When planning a project, where possible, always allow plenty of time and if possible factor in contingency time to allow for development, amendments, proofing, etc. Whilst very fast print turnaround is possible for some items, all too often people leave everything to the last minute and the opportunity to excel is lost.