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Dissatisfied with available definitions, and following a deep intuition that something of great value lay hidden within the subject of branding, Barnaby Adams set up a small graphic design business and used the branding process to explore the process itself. His approach over the last 15 years has been phenomenological – i.e. he examines his actual experience and honestly reflects upon it. With relentless tenacity, insane honesty and the courage to say what most won't, Barn presents unique insights within an understanding he calls Cognitive Branding.


Developed from the analogy of a cuckoo Cognitive Branding explores sensory experience, human cognition, feelings and emotions, symbolism, values, purpose and meaning. It explores the evolution of humanity, world wisdom traditions, politics and commerce. It incorporates the most beautiful, cutting-edge philosophy to help us better understand the human adventure, the evolution of the creative psyche, and the cultures that unfold from it. Barn explores how branding has existed throughout shaping humanity. Now aware of Cognitive Branding, are we able to consciously evolve the culture of conflict to a culture of compassion, and actively, collaboratively address the many social and environmental concerns of our age. Can we hold a beautiful vision, and make the human adventure count?


The following videos are an attempt to bring together 15 years exploration and say something of value (hopefully with some coherence), at least as an overview of the subject. This is not easy, for it is complex – hence why so many brand definitions are woefully inadequate. You are invited to participant directly. Your feedback and questions will play a role in shaping how these videos and their content emerge and what follows.


Email Barn directly at with any feedback or questions, and check back soon for the next instalment. If you'd like to receive an email when the next video is added fill in the form below. Your address will not be shared or sold, and you will not be bombarded by emails. You will, of course, be able to remove your address from the mailing list at any time.

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